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Important: Due to high popularity of river cruises, book early as space goes quickly and prices increase.

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Our Featured River Cruise
Melodies of the Danube
From: $2,799.00
Number of Nights: 7
Ship: ms AmaViola
11 Days - Travel to Budapest & return from Munich (or Prague)

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Your River Cruise Experience:

River cruising is the best way to travel through many of the world’s most fascinating places. Comfortable and convenient, it offers a greater variety of destinations than you could encounter any other way—and lets you get in-depth exposure to the culture and history of each region. Both experienced and first-time travelers have discovered the joys of river cruising, making it the fastest-growing segment of the travel industry.

Paris, Vienna, Moscow…because so many cities and towns developed along waterways, they were literally made to be accessible by river. Some of these cities are just not available to ocean cruisers, and bus passengers spend precious hours on the highway, checking in and out of hotels. River cruising brings you more of these destinations than you could see any other way.

River cruising has enjoyed a significant increase in popularity in the past few years. Travelers have realized that it is a very efficient and affordable way to see the best of the area where they are traveling. Each region and itinerary is different and offers exciting and intriguing adventures. In central Europe, Rhine River cruises sail past stately castles, terraced vineyards and picturesque old towns. Passengers on Danube River cruises spend time in some of Europe's most intriguing Old World cities, like Vienna and Budapest. Cruises of the Mosel River meander through the German region famous for Riesling wines, while Elbe cruises travel through Germany and the Czech Republic on a route characterized by towering cliffs, Gothic fortifications and medieval villages. Explore France on a Seine River cruise between Paris and the coast of Normandy and stop at Claude Monet's Giverny and the D-Day landing site at Omaha Beach. Saone River cruises offer opportunities to sample the wine and cuisine of Burgundy, while Rhone River cruises showcase the lovely Provence region. Experience the warmth and friendliness of Portugal on a Douro River cruise as you sail past charming villages, deep gorges and lush vineyards. click here for Europe river cruise offers

Russia is a fascinating and still-mysterious country you can experience on a Volga River cruise where you will vist Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as the countryside that lies along the river. Cossack heritage and Tatar history comes to life on Dnieper River cruises in Ukraine. click here for Russia river cruise offers.

Egypt offers intrigue and incredible history as you walk in the footsteps of pharaohs on a Nile River cruise, where you will see the temple at Luxor, the pyramids of Giza and the bustling marketplace of Cairo. click here for Nile River offers.   On the other side of the globe, Yangtze River cruises in China include the soaring Three Gorges, and the terra-cotta warriors of Xian. click here for China river offers

Amazon cruises reveal the incredible Amazon Rainforest of Brazil and Peru, with its incredible wildlife like scarlet macaws, pink dolphins and exotic flora lilies and orchids. click here for Amazon river offers. Mekong River cruises delve into the intriguing cultures of Vietnam and Cambodia, where you can experience Ho Chi Minh City, the beauty of Angkor Wat and timeless scenes of rural life on the river.  Click here for Southeast Asia river cruise offers

And closer to home, you can follow the journey of explorers Lewis and Clark and see some beautifully rugged scenery on Columbia River cruises in the United States' Pacific Northwest. The northeast enjoys shorter river journeys to some of the most historic areas of our country. Soon, you will once again see Americas heartland with river cruises on the mighty Mississippi.  click here for USA River cruise offers.


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Enjoy history, culture and incredible sights while exploring the world's great waterways on a river cruise.

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